Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Paper Heart is Thankful this Thursday

Summer is in full swing in this house and we are loving it. Last night the kiddos and I headed to the county fair to catch a concert by an awesome Christian artist, Francesca Battistelli, ride a few rides and eat some yummy (although absolutely not healthy) fair food. We had a blast! What made it even better was that it was $1 rides night, so it didn't cost me the kids' college fund to enjoy a couple of hours at the fair. A big WIN for this mom!

I wasn't sure how long the kids would patiently listen through the concert, but they did great and little girl enjoyed it so much she was up and dancing around.  As the artist sang her one song, My Paper Heart, and I listened to these lyrics float through the warm summer evening air, my heart was bursting with thankfulness for how far God has brought me and this little family of mine:

"I’m a fragile girl
In a crazy careless world
My dreams were torn and scattered on the floor
But You’ve been picking up the pieces, Lord
‘Cause Your love is real
The only hope to heal.
My paper heart is Yours now
I have landed in Your hands
Come so far to find out
My life will never be the same
Since you wrote Your name
On my paper heart.
I had been so terrified to trust
So many times I’d been reduced to dust
But You keep showing me
You’re the safest place to be."
So today I am truly and utterly thankful that the Lord's name is written on my heart, that He heals and that I am safe in His arms.