Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Imagination and Dreaming Big

She plays in the tub, splashing, laughing and smiling. There aren't any bath toys keeping her company; they are one of the last items still tucked away in a moving box. But that doesn't damper her spirits as she is busy playing with a shampoo bottle.  I listen to her play talk; in her little world the shampoo bottle has become her baby and she is catching her on the slide. She jibber jabbers away, telling her baby to come here, to be careful, etc. as she cuddles the shampoo bottle.

I absolutely love catching these glimpses into her toddler world. Her imagination is so active and she doesn't allow anything to stand in the way of her having fun. For her, there are no limits, no can'ts, no realities that make big life dreams seem impossible. Instead there is freedom, wild abandonment and the ability to dream big.  Later that night after my two were tucked safely in bed; I smiled to myself as I recalled her bath time. I also began to wonder at what point does that limitless imagination and ability to see your life as whatever you want it to be, fade away? At what age do we begin to feel we aren't capable of being whatever we want to be or begin to doubt that the sky is the limit?

I see the doses of "reality" in my oldest already. But the dreams and imagination are still there. Ask him what he is going to be when he grows up and he will reply without hesitation, "basketball player, baseball player and police officer." He believes that he can do it all and I love that. As adults we may smile sweetly at his ambition while silently "knowing" it would be impossible to be all three. And maybe it is impossible, but maybe it isn't.

Today I see so many people who are afraid to dream the big dreams for their own lives; myself included. I believe that we all at one point have had those dreams placed on our hearts of what our life could look like, should look like, would look like if only. . . But then the obstacles of daily life can start to obstruct those visions. The difficulties of not having the time, the money, the skill level, etc. seem to stand in the way of making our dreams a reality.

Three years ago my life was turned upside down in many ways and how I had envisioned my future was forever altered. Many of the dreams I had seemed to now be unattainable. I mourned the losses and questioned where God was in all of this. Through it all, He lovingly reminded me again and again He was walking through this valley with me.

During these past few years I've also felt a tugging on my heart; a belief and conviction that the Lord is calling me to more. He is using what initially looked like destruction to continue to weave together His plan for my life. I've taken notice of the things that make me feel alive, the abilities I have been given that I believe God wants to use. I don't know yet how this will all play out or what it will look like exactly, but I feel a new God sized dream placed on my heart and I am trusting that God will continue to work this out in my life.

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us." Ephesians 3:20

I look at my little ones and I want that child like ability to see my life as a blank canvas ready for God to paint something beautiful. I desire to have the faith that can take something ordinary and imagine it into something wonderful.

I am going to continue to pray over these dreams and I am excited to see how it will all unfold. What dream has God placed on your heart?