Monday, April 1, 2013

The Monday After

Easter quietly ended with children sleeping soundly in bed and the sound of rain hitting the windows. Before the little man fell asleep, he sadly said, "I don't want Easter to be over already." He had enjoyed the celebration so much he wasn't ready for it to end. Maybe we too can relate to that feeling, not yet willing to say goodbye to the day of celebration and triumphant victory over death.

So where do we go after the most holy of holy days; how do we carry the joy of Easter into the everyday?

For me on this Monday following resurrection Sunday, this first day of a new month and this morning washed clean by a night of rain – I will continue to celebrate the empty tomb and the peace it promises.

I will carry it forth by fearlessly living with the hope born out of this scandalous grace He so freely gives. Easter wasn't the end of the story, it was only the beginning. And because of that I can find comfort and strength in knowing:

When we feel we’ve fallen too far; God restores us to new heights.

When we feel weary and devoid of strength; God breathes new life into our dry bones.

When we feel like all is lost; God is a savior who makes all things found.

When we feel prisoners to our past regrets and mistakes; God breaks every chain and whispers promises of freedom.

When we mourn our shattered dreams; God is weaving together even bigger dreams for our lives than we can imagine.

When we feel broken beyond repair; God is making us whole.