Friday, April 5, 2013

Conquering the Day Together

She's so excited he got to go with her to daycare this week; she adores her big brother.

We pull up outside and I help her out of the car first. As he climbs out the curb side she looks up and says, "do you need me to help you down?" Nevermind the fact he's twice her size and would probably smoosh her, she just knows that she loves him and she wants to help.

They hold hands while we cross the street. Her little girl hand in his big brother one. Together they are ready to conquer the world. I know that at times they will bicker, fight and drive each other crazy and in doing so, also drive me crazy.

But right now they're the best of friends. The world begins and ends with her big brother, and for him, he is her protector and buddy. He helps her into her shoes this morning and says to me with a smile, "I love being a big brother." My boy with a heart full of love and kindness.

I cherish these moments. I also make sure to get photo evidence. Because one day down the road when he's yelling at her to get out of his room or she's rolling her eyes at him, I'll call out "you know, you two do love each other. I know because I have proof!" :-)