Friday, November 15, 2013

Thankful in a Fallen World

November is quickly and quietly slipping by.  In this month where we are to count our blessings, we also hear of thousands that have lost everything. This life here on earth, it isn't always an easy one. We live in a fallen world, full of hurting people and an enemy looking to destroy us.
It won't be until the other side of this life that we, and all that we are a part of, is perfect.
But God is good now and always, and He is here and He is in us. In a world that quakes with sadness and sends waves of destruction, God's love can still be seen. It is seen in the hands rebuilding broken homes, in those willing to give of their time and money to help those without, in an entire city that comes together to bring joy to a little boy and in the hearts that refuse to lose hope.
So I thank Him that He is still working and that He loves us. I lift up humbled heart and thank Him that even in a hurting world, I can trust Him to be present. I thank Him that I can stand on His promises and that because He loves us there is always hope.

And I whisper a prayer, half question and half assertion as I learn to trust, "your perfect love is casting out the fear and you have good, hope-filled plans for me and for this fallen world."