Friday, May 10, 2013

Thankful on Thursday (Just a Tad Bit Late)

Sometimes I am running from one thing to the next, attempting to get everything done, and in the hurry I can lose sight of all of the little things that I have to be thankful for.  Attempting to jam pack as much as possible into these past few days has made this week feel a bit like that.

So this afternoon I am focusing on those things I can often overlook in the rush and I am feeling very grateful for the blessings found in the small stuff:
  1. The smell of vanilla flavored coffee wafting through the kitchen as it percolates in the coffee pot.
  2. Rain drops gathering on small purple petals.
  3. Lungs burning as I hike, reminding me I'm alive and breathing.
  4. Vibrant reds, golden yellows and soft oranges splashed across the sky as the sun sets on another lovely Sunday.
  5. The sound of laughter, the smell of pancakes cooking, the sweet taste of perfectly ripened fruit coming together to create a picture of friends enjoying each other's company.
  6. The warmth of a soft blanket as I curl up with a good book.
  7. The kindness of neighbors to take time out of their own busy day to help me out of a car jam.
  8. Enjoying a scoop of delicious ice cream with the little ones on a hot Saturday evening.
And this week's list could gone on and on.  But it took me pausing from the hustle and bustle to be reminded of the simple pleasures I have to be thankful for in this life.