Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Thankful Heart (Thankful on a Thursday)

"All I can do is thank You for this life I never deserved
Wanna thank You for the grace I know I don't have to earn
You love me, You love me
Your mercy is proof
All I can do is say thank You"
~All I Can Do (Thank You)

This song by Mikeschair has been on the radio pretty frequently lately. It's one of those songs I didn't particularly love at first but that I also can't help sing along to because no matter what, I sing or hum along to just about every song that comes on the radio. But each time I've heard it, the song has grown on me.  I love the message that our response to all that God has done for us should be to say thank you. 

So today on this warm Thursday evening, I am thankful for God's deep love for me. I am thankful that nothing can separate me from His love and that He lavishes it on me so freely.