Friday, November 20, 2015

Hold Onto Hope

Tonight these two kiddos of mine sat curled up on the floor watching a movie. There is a parade of stuffed animals lined up alongside them, “set up like it’s a movie theater.” They’ve even made their own movie tickets and sold popcorn.

She begged for a Christmas movie; she’s over-the-moon excited about the holidays. So we’ve popped in Elf (one of my all-time favorites).

The TV screen lights up their faces and their faces light up my heart. I want to keep them little, safe and protected forever. I want to change the world before they enter it on their own so they know something different than what we are facing today.

People are scared and hurting, and when those people have no hope, it is a combination that often leads to more hate, pain and fear. The news tell us of the atrocities happening all over the world, every day. Across social media, people fling accusations of whose fault it is and offer suggestions on how keeping others out will ensure protection. Don’t let them in because they’ll cause pain and death.

My soul aches for this hurting world. I want to do more, and I feel like God has called me to do more. But at times I also feel too small to do anything to change such a large problem.

So I have been pouring over His word and praying. I ask Him to . . .

show me how I can be His light and love to those I know and those I don’t.
use me for His glory.
heal this broken world right along with the brokenness in me.
give me wisdom to know how to help.

In His tenderness towards me, He has spoken to me in the quiet moments, “Keep praying, love deeply and Never. Lose. Hope.”

“Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope: because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassion never fails.” Lamentations 3:21

I let His light shine through me by always holding onto hope.

Hope grounded in knowing that God’s love is so deep and wide that He willingly gave up heaven to come down to us. He took on human form and allowed his body to be broken so that He could heal all of our brokenness.

And as we approach the Christmas season, I am reminded that this hope was born in the smallness of a baby. I may at times feel too small to make a difference, but God uses our smallness to reflect His infinite love and grace.
I don't know how to stop the spread of hate and evil. But I know how to love deeply and I can hold firmly to the hope that will never disappoint. I can love more, fear less. I can offer others the grace and kindness He lavishly offers me.
So as we approach Advent and Christmas, remember and hold onto the hope we have in Him.