Thursday, October 17, 2013

Being Enough

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." ~ Maya Angelou

I've heard this quote many times, but today I read it again on a blog post and it really hit home. There are days where I feel the tugging so deeply that I want to be more, do more, touch more lives, accomplish more. More being the pattern here.  There are times where I worry that maybe I'm not enough; that in my current job or the things I'm doing, it's not enough of what I could be doing for God.

I don't have a prestigious title, I haven't written a published book, I'm not leading a huge ministry; I am a single mom to two little people while also working at a small company as a communications specialist.  But what I am learning, and why I think this quote spoke to me so loudly this time, is that in these small things, God is still doing big things.

It shouldn't be that I am only a mom, because that is a huge thing in itself. God gave these two precious ones specifically to me. He created each of them, knitting them together, knowing that He would equip me to the be the mother they need. I can lead by example, teaching them how to trust the Lord, how to look for joy in the every day and how to love freely. To them, my job title or list of accomplishments won't matter. What will matter to them is that I made them feel like they belong and that they are unconditionally loved.

While I may not be climbing the corporate ladder as I used to envision or winning awards; I am at my current job for a reason. These eleven people I interact with on a daily basis, they will remember how I made them feel. So smiling at them every morning, offering to help on tasks that aren't exciting, asking how someone is really doing - these things are important, even if not defined that way by the world.  In this job, I can help those I interact with to feel appreciated and cared about.

So instead of wanting to be more, I am beginning to recognize I am enough. There is incredible peace in knowing that who God created me to be and where He has placed me right now is enough. It is enough because He is present. It is enough when I allow Him to work through me. It is enough because I am trusting Him. 

People will remember how I make them feel, and how I want to make them feel is loved, appreciated and called by a gracious God. I can do that in this moment and don't need to be anything more than I already am to do it.

Perhaps in the future, God will call me somewhere different and I will have new responsibilities. But no matter if it's a different job or ministry, the heart of the matter will be the same - being a blessing and a tangible example of God's love on this earth. I won't need to be more in those moments either. I will simply need to be me, the woman God is refining and working through.