Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Beautiful Creation

I am home from my final trip of the year, which makes me both happy and a bit sad. I love traveling; exploring new places or rediscovering old ones.  But there has been a lot of it in my life lately, and I am ready to be in one place and not living out of a suitcase for awhile. 

This last trip was a combination of both work and play, and my favorite one of the entire year.  In the matter of less than a week, I experienced ocean, redwoods, mountains, farm land, and vineyards. Temperature lows of 38 to highs of 85 (and those two were in the span of just a few hours!). Foggy drizzle to bright sunshine, and I LOVED it all.

Before and during; the prayer constantly on my lips was that I would have eyes to see His goodness and love for me in all that I experienced. I wanted to savor and be thankful for each and every moment.

I wanted to see past the creation to the One who created.

And God does not disappoint. 

When you look for Him, He is there to be found. . .

In the golden yellows and burnt oranges of leaves that tell of a turning of seasons. Signs of autumn that shout of the hope that comes in knowing that the falling away of the old allows room for the new and the renewed.

In the sun dancing across the trees, leaving trails of light through hundreds of giant redwoods. Rays that sing of the joy found in the Light of the World.
In the fog rolling in from the ocean. Fog that blankets a town in quiet and whispers reminders of the peace found in resting in Him.
In the brilliant colors of a sun dipping below the horizon. Colors painting a masterpiece that speaks of the artist who lovingly created us.  The One whose perfect love for us casts out fear.