Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Own Smallness

I was in Tahoe two weeks ago for work and was able to snag a little down time to enjoy all of the amazing scenery. I've grown up visiting this jewel of the Sierra Nevada, and yet every visit still leaves me awestruck. When I come upon views where the lake's brilliant blues seamlessly merge with the deep blues of the sky, I close my eyes and feel this is one of those lovely places where heaven really does meet earth.

On my second evening, I snuck out after our dinner and drove along the lake's shore, stopping often to take pictures. I had planned this evening to myself knowing that friends were joining me soon and the remainder of the weekend would be busy and filled with a lot of socializing.

At one point I pulled over and hiked down a bit to get a better view. The sun bathed the trees and shore in warm light and I felt myself smiling. I was completely alone in the tucked away outlet, which isn't something I always enjoy because I love being social and having the company of others, but this aloneness was different. It was peaceful. The thick silence wasn't even broken by the sound of cars driving by.

I was yet again reminded of my own smallness, which is something that has come up a lot in the last few months. I often try to tune in and pay attention when I feel that God is showing me the same thing again and again.  We live in a society where there is the constant drive to always be bigger and better.

But maybe instead we should delight in our smallness. In recognizing that about myself I am allowing God to be bigger. I am no longer striving to be better than the person next to me, but I am able to rest in God's greatness. And when I see that it is His greatness at work, than all I need to do is ask God how He will use that through me.

I stayed out until the last bit of sunlight was gone, reluctant to leave behind all the beauty I was seeing. With not a cloud in the sky during the day, the sunset's colors were soft and subtle. A gentle whisper of the beauty of His creation.