Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Little Dancing Machine

"Let's dance," I say to my little miss.

"Dance?" she replies excitedly.

"Yep, dance."

And I'm greeted with the biggest smile that lights up her whole face as I select a song. She loves music; loves to dance, to sing along and to make up little hand motions. She leads with her hands and it cracks me up. I smile to myself as I know she gets that from me, or so I may be told :-)

I love to watch her dance and sing because she does it with so much abandonment, free to be as moved by the music and silly as she sees fit. When she sees me laughing at her silly antics, she launches into her head back, loud as can be, full belly laughter because she's delighted by being the center of my attention. It makes me love her that much more, if that's even possible.

She's all sass, spunk and stubbornness at times. But even when that independence rears its head as a pint sized spit fire asserting very loudly in public that she wants it her way; I remind myself that God created this daughter of mine to be exactly as she should be. That He will use her strength and determination to do great things for Him.