Saturday, December 14, 2013

Peace on Earth and in Our Hearts

This second Sunday of Advent they lit the candle of peace and I bow my head to silently remember that He promised peace here on this earth.  Not the kind of peace that comes from believing we have it all figured out and that we are in control. But the peace that is beyond reason or understanding, and that wraps itself around our hearts whispering that there is a bigger plan.

In the middle of the busyness of the season, the lines and the crowds, the tantrums, the tears, the laughter and cookie baking, the cuddles and snuggles, the tight hugs and "I love you's," the unpredictable and the scary - in the middle of it all He beckons us to rest in Him and receive His peace.

He invites us into the hope that arrived that night in the form of a tiny baby crying out for its mother, so unassuming as he lay in a manger. He whispers, "trust me and there you will find peace." And my heart, that feels so fragile right now, yearns to let go and free fall into the peace that He offers. In the world that I cannot control, I ask that He will help me to trust and have faith that He is going before me and walking with me in each moment. I return to my constant prayer during this season, "Lord fill me with your presence and your Spirit; I need more of You." 

Wishing you peace this season too.